Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Noah Red- 2.5 years

Okay, so my dear friend Shauna might have suggested that I have been neglecting my poor Noah in my 30 Days of Thanks. He is very much a stubborn, moody, wild two year old, but please don't think for a minute that I am not thankful for my Noah Red! You never ever could have convinced me before this child was born that I could love him this much. Oh, I knew that I would love him, but, oh, not like this. My bond with him seems to be different with him than with my girls. Not better, not worse, just, I don't know, different. I was a little wary of having a boy, honestly. Oh, sure, I have loved some special baby boys in my life (Wade, Clay, Keller...) but, I just felt comfortable with the mother-daughter bond for myself. Happily, I was not given the choice! I could not be more grateful for God giving me this boy. And I am so thankful to be experiencing the different bonds with all my children. I wouldn't trade my girls for the world, I am just oh so thankful to have the joy of raising this boy as well!

Noah Red, you are 2 and a half! And a hand full! Here is what you are up to:
  • Sleeping in a big boy bed!
  • No more pacifiers!
  • Using the potty when YOU think it is a good idea. Which is about once every 3 or 4 days!
  • You are still a little guy! You wear18 month clothes now. You can wear 2T shirts, but absolutely not the pants! I am hopeful you will be wearing 2T soon though, as we have some adorable hand me downs from our sweet friend Drew I am dying to get on you! :)
  • You wear a size 4 diaper
  • You talk all.the.time. Every time we see the doctor (which has been often since Emmy's arrival!) he comments on how awesome your speech is.
  • You know the difference between numbers and letters, which is a bit odd to me! If we ask where the numbers are on a page, or sign, you show us. Same with letters.
  • You can identify specifically the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, and 10.
  • You can spell your name when prompted! "N-O-A-H! That spells NOAH!"
  • If anyone asks you how old you are you say, "I'm 4." I cannot convince you that you are 2.
  • You would do anything for a honey bun. I don't know where the obsession came from. But, you can spot them from a mile away in the grocery store. And, every single morning, even though you know we don't have them, you say, "I wanna hunbun."
  • You have recently discovered the Wiggles. And you are borderline obsessed with them. I don't understand! Next to Yo Gabba Gabba and Caillou (he's such a whiner), The Wiggles are my least favorite. You had your daddy in tears tonight he was laughing so hard at you! You brought down Hope's little car for her Barbies, sat on top of it, turned the steering wheel with your fingers and sang "Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red Car."
  • You cannot stand boogers. If you have a snotty nose, you loooooose your mind. You cry, "I got Boogahs." You would absolutely use a box of tissues a day if I let you.
  • You have more energy than anyone I know.
  • You love to go to the grocery store to ride in the car.
  • If Emmy smiles at you, your laugh so hard, which makes her keep smiling!
  • You might have a little crush on Hope's teacher. She hugged you one day and you still talk about it. And you told us she likes kisses. Slow down there buddy.
  • You are Mommy's baby, without question.
  • You still ask daily to go to Ninny's house to ride the tractor with Wes. This is funny, because you are terrified of the tractor (and a tad bit afraid of the very loud Uncle Wes! :)
  • Life just can hardly go on if we don't have Sunny D in the house in the morning.
  • You get sad every day when Hope goes to school.
  • Your favorite outing is to the library. You know you can take home 3 books and 1 movie and you don't let me forget it! You can also point out the library every.single.time. we pass it. And about 50% of the time you start kicking and screaming to go there. I need to find a new route.
  • You will still snuggle with me any time, any where. I love you for it.
  • You inherited the inability to take cold/allergy medicine from me! It has always made me hyper. You too. You will not be getting any more EVER after the day we've had today. ;)
  • You want a train table so so badly. I hope you can keep it together for the next month so that Santa might bring you one.
  • Your favorite books are, Hug, Once Upon A Potty, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and any on the Usborne "That's not my..." books.
  • Your favorite things are Dinosaurs, trains, fire trucks and tractors.
Thank you God for Noah Red. I love him more than I could have ever imagined.

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Nicole said...

That boy is just darling. And he does sound like fun...trying, but fun!