Friday, November 19, 2010

30 Days of Thanks #19

Today I am thankful for our new pediatrician's office. You know I will never find one who we love as much as Laura Sanders, but, we have found a good fit for us here. And, I like the way the office runs here better. When we would call the office in LR, no one ever asked "who's your doctor?" So, you usually saw many different doctors, whoever had an appointment open, unless you specifically requested someone. Here, my kids always see the same doctor, and the same nurse. As much as we love Dr. Laura, I couldn't tell you who her nurse is. Dr. K's nurse is Sherry. And I love her as much or more than the dr. She knows us. She knows Noah wants an orange sucker when he first comes in. And that if we get it for him, life will be easier for everyone. She also always takes Emmy from me so I can help Noah. She knew when I said we were going home for thanksgiving, that I meant Arkansas. She helped us all survive all 3 children getting shots today. And even helped me laugh a little at the absurdity of us thinking this was a good plan. And, as we were leaving, she hugged me and told me to remember that one day my youngest will be 18 like her baby.

Meanwhile, here are the girls stats.
Hope: 36 pounds - 4th%
height- 42.5 inches - 5%

So maybe there was not a huge growth spurt... :)

Emmy: drumroll..... 11 pounds 1 ounce!!! - and ladies and gentlemen, she has made her way back onto the chart... 6%! we will take it! The big dose of Carafate is helping. We are going to start her on cereal this week to see if that helps or hurts the tummy issues. The hope it, of course, is that it helps and we can start to wean her off some of the meds.

Her height is 25 inches- 74% (who is this kid and what has she done with my short child?! ;)

I am so very thankful she is growing. I can't even tell you how thankful.

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Karen Cleveland said... have to tell me, who is this doctor that you love so much? We are trying a new clinic for Lucy's 15 month check-up on the 30th. I hope it's the same place. Hope all of you guys are feeling better.