Saturday, November 13, 2010

30 Days of Thanks #13

Today was a DAY, I'll tell ya! At MOPS on Friday, I met a new friend, and after talking for a while, I found out she is a photographer. I was telling her that I hadn't had a chance to get Emmy's picture in John's hand made like the other 2. I had Hope's and Noah's made at 12 weeks, and Emmy is about 17 weeks old now. It has really been bothering me. Anyway, she was so very nice and asked if we wanted to come over today and take the picture. She also said to bring the bigs and try to get a shot of everyone! Yay! Well, we got there, Emmy was fussing, Noah was tired and Hope was being very silly. We took a few pictures all together, and a few of the kids. Then, Emmy lost her mind. John was finally able to get her to sleep and we decided to take the picture with her sleeping. She took a few of those and then..... Noah threw up all over her house! I was mortified! She was so calm about it, and I was rushing Noah outside. Noah and I were covered in vomit. Lovely. Kym found us both clean shirts to ride home in, and even sent us with a package of crackers so one of us didn't have to get out and get some later. So, today, I am very thankful for a new friend who is not afraid of a little (LOT) of vomit. :)

Noah seems better this evening. I am really hoping the rest of us can avoid whatever bug he has, because John has another training this week he can't miss (meaning if I get sick, I am still in charge of 3 kiddos!), and, most importantly, Wednesday is Hope's Birthday!

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Anonymous said...

17 weeks?!? When did that happen? I'm still thinking she's around the 12-13 week range. I'm really glad to hear you are settling in here in town and that you are finding new friends that don't mind your son's vomit! ;-P