Tuesday, November 09, 2010

30 Days of Thanks- #9

Today I am thankful for a quick escape with just Emmy. I loaded her up to get her prescriptions refilled and run to the grocery store, while John gave the bigs a bath and put them to bed. Emmy loves to ride in either the Baby Bjorn or the Moby wrap. I love that she can face out and see people. She was very bright eyed tonight, and several people stopped to chat with her. I am thankful she did not throw up on anyone but me. (On that note, the spit up is out of control. She wore 4 outfits today! 1,2,3,FOUR! And I changed my shirt twice. We are upping the Carafate, so hopefully that will help. I was feeding her in Ikea last weekend, and let me tell you, when it hit the ground, it sounded like we had just gone down the log ride at Silver Dollar City. Splash. Sorry for the visual, but, yeah, it happened.) In the grocery store, she started looking for me. She knew I was close, but she couldn't get her head quite there. I turned where she could see me, and she smiled, like, "oh there you are!" She is definitely a mama's girl. I love it.
 Lacking for Pictures tonight!
Here is the Carafate. These 3 huge bottles are only a 30 Day Supply! Yikes!
Here is a preview of a project I have got going. I managed to find the same Baby Lulu outfit that Hope wore in her famous AAAAUUUUGGGHHH! Picture on Ebay! So, for now,
This is Hope...

And This is Emmy!

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