Sunday, November 07, 2010

30 Days of Thanks #6

I am cheating. I fell asleep in Noah's bed before posting, so I am posting now. While I was layig down with him, I thought, I need to go post, but instead, I just enjoyed being with him. In return, that is what I am thankful for. Sweet time with Noah Red. Noah decided a couple of weeks ago he wanted to sleep in the twin bed in his room instead of his crib. The comforter has cars on it, so he calls it "The Cars Bed." I said, okay, but that if he slept in the big boy bed, no more paci... and to my surprise, it worked! He is paci free! And he really hasn't fussed about it much at all. He picks out his books, and lays down on his beloved Pillow Pet with his Ooh Ooh monkey. On that note, Hope became very attached to her Ooh Ooh right about the time we took away the paci too. That is happening with Noah, too. We bought him his own Ooh Ooh because he always wanted Hope's. Now, unfortunately, he wants both! So, Hope knows to hide her Ooh Ooh when Noah is going to bed, or there is a major meltdown. Not every night, but a lot of nights. And only if he sees hers right before bed. Hopefully soon, he will just want his.

Last night I was laying with him after we read a book about Trucks. I said, "Noah Red, you are a very special boy." He said, "Yeah Mommy, I special boy."

(My Sweet friend Deni took this picture on the day Emmy was born! She kept our Noah that whole day! I am thankful for her too!)
And then I said what we say every night before bed....

Thank You, God for Noah Red.

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