Wednesday, November 10, 2010

30 Days of Thanks- #10

Today, I am thankful for our little morning routine. On the way to school every morning, we sing "This is the Day!" And their sweet little voices singing their little hearts out makes me smile, and makes my day. Even Noah now will start singing as soon as I sit down in the car. I turn off their DVD, turn off the radio, and sing with them. They have many many different versions, and it ends up being pretty silly by the time they get to school. I am not a morning person. My kids (at least the bigs) are not morning people either. We are all slow moving, until I get in panic rush mode to get Hope to school before she is tardy (which I am sad to say, has happened.) So, I am usually frazzled by the time we get in the car, which I know affects them too, especially Hope, but when we get done singing, we have all calmed down and gotten our glad rags on.

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