Sunday, February 24, 2008

Getting ready for Noah

Now that I am about 30 weeks, we have started to get things ready for the baby boy. John and I went to Babies R Us and Target Friday to register. We also bought this swing on Friday. (Hope's was recalled, so we didn't have one.)

Now, we are trying to save up for this stroller, or one like it. I want a "Sit 'n Stand" type stoller, that will allow Hope to either, you guessed it....Sit or Stand behind the baby. I have struggled with this decision because Hope still rides really well in a stroller. But, since we don't know how long that will last, this seems like the most reasonable choice. I like the "Joovy" brand one alot, but I have recently seen some other brands that I like too...

We also got a suprise box of goodies from Aunt April and Uncle Paul this week. It has Christmas presents for Hope, and some suprises for Noah, too. Including a "Wee Wee Blocker" for protection during diaper changes! I had a good laugh. We love the super hero themed one she picked...It says "Wee Wee Man!"

We found this changing table at a consignment store, and we dressed it up with some baskets and a new changing pad. It will go well with his Frog and Turtle Room.

And Noah is starting quite a clothing collection. We are very lucky to be able to have Zeb's clothes from when he was a baby.

There is definitely still work to be done! His room is still filled with boxes from the move (it became the catch all room for things we didn't have a place for.) My mom is working on his bedding (It is brown, green and blue.) But, we are definitely making progress! I do have gestational diabetes, but it is apparently a common thing, and everything else looks great. I can say he is a very strong boy with quite a kick!

Hope Rocks

Is it wrong that my 3 year old looooves Guitar Hero? Is it more wrong that I love Guitar Hero? I am quite a sight with my big belly playing it. I promise all of you that I won't play in public! I have beat all of the "Medium" level except for Lou at the end, and I have beat a few songs on "hard". John has beat all of "hard" and is now struggling with "Expert." Don't knock it if you haven't played it! It is the most addictive game since Tetris. I see notes in my sleep!

Hope and Clay

Last month, we went to Clay's birthday party. Hope had so much fun playing, and I loved seeing my sweet Clay and his family. I was Clay's nanny for 3+ years, and I still say that he is part mine! In a lot of ways, he was my first baby! He is now 6 years old, and such a great kid (and I am not afraid to take a little credit for that!). Here is a picture of the Hope and Clay at his party.

And here are a few of the two of them from Hope's early days!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

He has a name!

The baby boy's name is officially Noah. He has a middle name, too, but you will have to wait until after he is born to find that out!

John sent me an email last week at work that he had been up the night before thinking about the name, and had decided that it was definitely Noah. He said I could sleep now knowing that he had a name. Good thing I like the name too!

And, I shouldn't have said anything about the dang Glucose test. I failed. Yuck. I have to take the 4 hour test tomorrow.

Fashion Show

Hope's Uncle Vince and Aunt Lisa bought Hope this Fashion Show Runway thing for Christmas, and because of the massive size of it, we had not put it together yet. Vince came over tonight and put it together for her. It is huge. Huge! But, she loves it! She picked out her Christmas dress for the Fashion Show, complete with straw hat. It was hard to get her to be still for a picture, but we did capture her spectacular twirl!


For Valentine's Day, my dad bought all his girls tickets to see the musical Annie on Valentine's Day. So, my mom, sister, nieces, Hope and I went to the show. It was so much fun. Hope was so good and watched almost all of the show without a peep. Not suprisingly, her favorite song was "You're never fully dressed without a smile." She danced so silly in her chair and gave the song a big applause at the end. For all the other songs, she gave this polite little ladylike clap, but for that song, it was big applause! When we got in the car, it was about 10:15, and she said "can I go back to watch Annie again?" I think she liked it! Thank you, Papa Paul!

Oh, and I have to add a note to Julia here, who I know counts how many times her pictures are on this blog compared to her picture of you by yourself was blurry! We will have to take another one soon!

Our Valentine's Day Tradition

When John and I were dating in college, when our first Valentine's Day came along, we were completely broke! We decided not to make a huge deal of the day with gifts and dinner, etc. We decided we would make each other a Valentine. Well, the tradition has continued for 7 years now. Here is our collection of cards (minus a couple that have gotten lost.) John now makes one for Hope, too. I always love to see what John has come up with. It usually involves glitter!

Thank You, Valentine

Hope was so excited to come home to find a Valentine from Austin. The card said she was "pretty as a princess" which Hope just ate up. He also sent her a fancy new ponytail holder. Thank you, Prince Austin!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Be Gone Stomach Bug...

The Stomach Bug lives on! Now through Hope's Daddy. He was supposed to be traveling today, but instead, is at home, sounding very pitiful. It seems that he does in fact get sick, even though he often states that he never does.

Hope made it a full day at school today! Woo Hoo! I kept dreading getting a call from her Mimi again telling me to hurry and come get her.

I had my 28 week appointment today. At 28 weeks you get the dreaded "Glucose Tolerence Test." I really don't see what the big deal is. You drink a drink that tastes like orange soda, and get your blood drawn an hour later. Really, the stuff does not taste that bad. Now, I have no desire to take the longer test, which is the next step if the result come back yucky. Everything looked good today. I am one happy mama with my new heartburn prescription! It doesn't take much to make me happy!

Still no name for the little boy. We decide on a name for a couple of weeks, and then sit down and both say, "I'm not sure about the name." Surely we can name him before he gets here!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

You Know Your Belly is Big When...

Your 3 year old daughter says you look like Santa Claus. Ho Ho Ho

Friday, February 08, 2008

The Show Must Go On

Hope has been one sick baby this week. She is on day five of a stomach bug that will just not go away. She seems to make a come back, and then bam, it hits her again. I have been sick with a flu like virus, so together we have made quite a pair.
We have watched lots tv and movies this week. We are going to see the Annie musical next week with my mom, sister and nieces (and if you know me at all you know how excited I am to see this!) Tonight, John had gone to get Hope's prescription and Hope wanted to watch Annie. She was sitting in the recliner, her fever was on it's way back up. She was sinking fast, but then "Your Never Fully Dressed" came on and off she went to her room. She came it with white dress shoes, and this dress on and telling me she needs me to reach her "hat with all the colors" for her. We retrieved it, and she asked me to rewind the movie for her. She sang the song, but didn't have her usual funky Hope dancing moves to go with it. She so badly wants to feel better!