Tuesday, February 18, 2014

9, 5, 3

God is good. Life is good. We are good! 

Hope - 9 as in N-I-N-E. 

She is smart, she is beautiful inside and out, she is kind and she makes me proud every day. I want to be like her when I grow up! I still say I don't deserve her, but man, it is awesome to look at her and say, "She's mine!" She is playing tennis, she loves singing, listening to music, playing games. She also needs her space sometimes, which has become more difficult since her little sister moved in with her a couple of months ago. Sorry, kid. She is growing up for sure, no matter how hard I try to pretend she's still  itty bitty. 

Noah - 5

Noah Red is amazing. He has done better in kindergarten than we ever dared to dream. He is happy, he is smart, he loves batman, rocks and Legos. He runs miles at a time with his daddy, and he is about to try T-Ball for the first time. He still loves who he loves, and could leave the rest, but his giant heart has let more people in now! His biggest new love is his kindergarten teacher, Ms. Grant. She is truly a blessing to our family. A God thing is the only way to explain her. Noah Red is a God thing too. ;) 

Emmy - 3
My little baby isn't a baby anymore, but please don't tell her that! She is in her first year of preschool, and those two day every week are her two favorite days for sure. She loves her friends and her teachers! She is smart, she is sweet, she is strong willed, she is not a bit shy and she makes us laugh out loud all day long. Her favorite thing to do is to pretend she is a kitty cat, specifically a princess kitty cat named Anna. We don't know. ;)

John has a new job with his former company. He is working from home most of the time and is loving his new role. I am still enjoying eating Bon bons and watching soap operas while people fan me.