Saturday, November 27, 2010

30 Days of Thanks #26

Oops, I fell asleep! Black Friday was a long, yet productive day! Complete with shopping, a migraine, packing, among other things!

But, I assure you, I was thankful! Thankful that Christmas time is HERE! I am really trying to not overdo the shopping this year. The kids are allowed to ask Santa for 3 things, and we are each giving a gift to each person in the family. I think it will take the craziness out of the day and help us to slow down and enjoy it. I am looking forward to it. And it is really making me think about each gift I am buying.

We are soon headed back to Texas. I assure you it will only be a matter of hours before I start pulling out the decorations!

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Walker Family said...

We put up the tree last night. I don't think we'll put out as much of the decorations this year (way too much to do and not going to be here for 2 weeks of it anyway), but I'll do a little each day for a while. We need to get together before we leave.