Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not Me

"Not Me Monday"
A fellow blogger mama at http://www.mycharmingkids.net/ started this fun post for everyone to try where you list all your "I did nots" (wink, wink) from the week before. Here are a few of mine, just from today.
  • I am not posting this on Tuesday because I was too busy looking up people on Facebook on Monday.
  • I did not forget that I let the dog out this morning and leave her outside for too long. And the dog did not dig a hole under the fence, and she did not run away. Coincidentally, I did not ruin my new shoes while chasing after her in the wet grass at 8 a.m.
  • I did not eat a dinner consisting of chips, salsa and popcorn tonight.
  • I did not bump Noah's noggin on the door frame while coming inside this evening.
  • I certainly did not forget about Hope's homework again.
  • I also did not NOT go to Disciple Bible study tonight because I haven't read my lesson, or because I am a little overwhelmed with everything right now and just wanted to be at home with my babies.
  • I did not set off the house alarm just now by trying to let the dog outside.
  • I did not put cereal in Noah's bottle before he went to bed in hopes that he will sleep for more than 3 hours at a time. That would be wrong!
  • Speaking of Noah, I did not accidentally pour out 5 ounces of breast milk at his school today. That would really be dumb.
  • I did not forget to mail a package to April that has been in my car for MIC for about 3 weeks.
  • I am also not dying to tell everyone that April is pregnant, therefore expecting 2 babies in 2009. That's right, baby MIC (Made in China) is going to be a little/big sister when she arrives!
  • I am not about to get on Facebook again before I go to bed. No way.
  • I also did not tell Hope she could sleep in my bed tonight after we have worked so hard at getting her back in her bed. She is absolutely not sleeping in there right now.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ross Is Home For Good!

Ross is home from Iraq, home from debriefing, home for good! We celebrated with a family cookout today at Jennifer and Wes's. It was a fun day and I took lots of pictures. So much happened though, that I am going to divide up the posts. Among other things, there was a fashion show, sit up and crawling lessons for Noah, reminiscing about how mean my brothers were to me, another discussion about who ruined the Lazy Boy when we were little (including some new theories), a fire, a snake, good food, and golf in the front yard. Welcome home little brother!


Hope and Clara love to put on Fashion Shows. Julia is an excellent stylist. They came down dressed up and with make up on. This time, however, Julia also took a moment to teach them how to pucker up like a supermodel. Hope took this lesson very seriously. These are the funniest pictures to me. John and I have been laughing so hard flipping through these. I have not laughed that hard in a long time. Clara seems to be more on the track to supermodel with a new expression in each picture. Hope is a little (or a lot) on the Zoolander side of modeling!

Crawling Lessons With Julia

Cousin Julia gave Noah some crawling lessons today. He was cooperating at first, but as you can see, in the end he gave up and just buried his head in the carpet. Poor Baby.

Riley Kaye

I love this girl. It is hard to catch this girl for a picture, though. After I had taken a bunch of pictures today, I said "I have got to get some pictures of Riley." Because I just don't have as many of her. I found her outside (surprise :-) and explained that I needed more pictures of her because I have so many of her sisters but not of her for some reason. She said "That's because my sisters want to be famous." Riley is for sure her own person. She loves those sisters for sure, but she does her own thing too. You can usually find her outside, climbing a tree, talking to her horses, heading to her clubhouse, playing basketball, or riding her bike. Riley also has the best belly laugh ever. I can hear it when I look at the last picture!


Meet my one and only nephew Wade. He is not a fan of the camera, but I made him, I mean asked nicely if he would let me, take a few pictures. Wade is a smart boy who can make you laugh. If you want to learn some facts, he's the guy to go to. He is becoming a little bit of a prankster, which is no surprise if you know his dad, Vince. He looks so much like Vince, it's a little scary. It's like looking at my big brother 20 years ago. He is a fun guy who cares about everyone. Love him to pieces.

Sitting Up?

Not quite! (Not even close, actually.) Nenny sat Noah up between two pillows today. Then we all watched as he slowly sank to the floor and did a face plant (I of course took pictures.) Where is that Therapy Jar? Surely we need to put another dollar in there!

"Never A Dull Moment" Moment #3,998,746

Yep, that's Mimi. Isn't she fun?

Jennifer (Nenny) seriously needs a blog. But, until she gets one, I will tell her stories for her. Our family and 4 Wheelers should not mix. Sure it's fun, but something always happens. It might run out of gas, get stuck in the woods, or in today's case, CATCH ON FIRE!

Seriously, I know it's not funny, but since no one was hurt, we can laugh a little. Everything was going well, several folks rode it around (the go kart too) and then it just caught on fire. Jennifer runs to get the hose (it's about a football field away...wouldn't quite get there.) I grab a bucket, while Heather goes inside to find a pot of water. My brothers were faster thinkers and pushed (or threw!) it into the ditch. Problem solved. There was a lovely snake friend in there too. After a few minutes, Ross was able to drive it out of there.

But, the funniest part hands down was Heather running out of the house with a little bowl of water to save the day. This is a reinactment, but this is really the bowl of water she brought out! Love her!

Friday, September 26, 2008

He's Hooked

Ok, so I know some of you are judging me already. Ha. I guess I deserve it! We bought Noah a Baby Einstein video. He freakin' loves it. He studies it. He SQUEALS at it. He jabbers at it. It is so funny to watch him watch this. Make your judgements, this was totally worth it. It is amazing what this mama can get done in 20 minutes.
And finally, seriously, what do I do about the hair? Other than buzzing it off? The Noahawk is out of control. Your helpful suggestions are welcome.

Silly Faces

Noah has been making silly baby faces lately, and blowing rasberries 24/7. Seriously, all the time. He is proud of his new trick. These are a few silly faces I caught of him on Thursday.

And if you are wondering where he gets his silly faces from, wonder no more. I simply asked Hope to look at my camera and smile. What I got was 23 pictures of crazy faces. Here are a few of them. She wanted to look at each picture on my camera after I took it, and she cracked herself up looking at them!