Friday, February 04, 2011

Who's Up for a Random Post?

If you are, you are in luck! I am feeling quite random! It is probably due to the fact that we have been stuck inside since MONDAY night. I have not left the house since MONDAY. Are you kidding me. My cabin fever has turned to cabin pneumonia, and it is only getting worse.

Before I start, 10 bonus points to whoever can guess what craft I made today...

So, here is a little of what has been going on with all of our togetherness!

Hope learned to blow a bubble with bubble gum. She has been trying really hard since Christmas, and she stood in the bathroom mirror for the longest time practicing. After she ran to us a few times trying to show us the bubble, I finally went to her to catch her on camera.
 The problem with Hope blowing bubbles is that she is a giggler. She gets too giggly, and blowing bubbles is not easy when you have the giggles!

 Sweet success!
My Noah loves the Wiggles. The Wiggles are apparently not so popular any more, and Wiggles toys are not easy to find. I found Captain Feathersword's sword recently knowing he would love it. Noah does not enjoy potty training. He has gone potty numerous times, and he absolutely knows what's going on. He just doesn't want to go. I thought I would bribe him with the sword. It sits on top of our mantle. The understanding is that when he does go #2 on the potty, the sword will be his. And he wants it bad. Just not bad enough to go potty yet. So, there it sits.

John and I have been having a discussion over highchairs for a long while now. I am a fan of highchairs. For as long as possible. Containment is my friend when it comes to 2 year olds. So the question was, do we buy a new one for Emmy, or promote Noah to a booster? Noah has destroyed his highchair cover. De.stroyed. It is so ugly. So, part of me wanted a new chair, just because I didn't want to sit my sweet itty bitty Emmy in her brother's destroyed seat. John, knowing me like he does, suggested we find a new cover for it. So, I found a seller on Etsy who made one from my favorite fabric! So, John really won the battle, as Noah is now in a booster, but I am pretty happy with the new cover, so I'm good. So is Emmy.

Back to the weather. What we got Monday night was ice. It didn't melt as the temps have been crazy low for Texas. But, we woke up this morning to 6-7 inches of beautiful, powdery snow! I did not go crazy with the camera, but I did feel the need to put my snow angel in the snow this time, since I didn't last time.

She really didn't mind it. Her siblings, however, do not enjoy making snow angels...Ok, so I forced them to lay down. Mother of the year, right here folks.

So, my son like the Wiggles, right? I am pretty sure you don't understand just how much. When the Wiggles were recently taken off the Netfix for Wii line up, my husband called Netflix to voice his complaint. We couldn't find any DVDs anywhere, so we did finally order some online. And, again, Wiggle toys are hard to find. So, Noah improvises. The poor baby walks around all day long with 4 large legos. 1 yellow, 1 red,, 1 blue, and 1 green. No, there is not a green Wiggle, but, unfortunately, there are also no purple legos. So, he has chosen the green one to be Jeff Wiggle. I looked at Ebay for Wiggles figures/dolls, but they are too pricey for me! Apparently they are somewhat of collectors items now. So, back to my cheesy craft.(I you are a truly crafty person, look away. I am not crafty.) I made these today...
 Yes, I made toilet paper roll Wiggles. What about it?

It was seriously like Christmas morning when I gave them to him though. He immediately set them up like they were on stage and started singing and dancing!
 Hope found a red bowl that became "The Big Red Car" and he went to work setting them up exactly like how the Wiggles sit.

Oh, toilet paper roll Wiggles, how I love thee.


Karen Cleveland said...

You are such a good mom...look at how happy Noah is!! We will have to go to several of the consignment sales this spring and look for more wiggle toys. So glad that it looks like the snow is melting today! But I did hear that we may get a few flurries Sunday night: (

Walker Family said...

I love how creative you are. See there was an upside to be cooped up for 4 days.

jnbjourney said...

random comment to a random post: love love love the toilet paper wiggles! i never realized how much hope looks just like you - so sweet. i'm glad i'm not the only mom who forced her not happy baby to lay down in the snow for a picture.

tallgirl said...

I love the toilet paper wiggles too. I think we have the blue wiggle doll around here. i will give it to MiMi. She will get to be the hero.

Sarah M. said...

I really do love your blog. You are so funny! "Containment is my friend"?! HILARIOUS!

Jen said...

Man, I was so mad about Netflix taking the Wiggles off. We had watched half of their live show one night, and the next day when we went back to watch the rest they were gone. Grr.