Thursday, November 04, 2010

30 Days of Thanks- #4

I am so thankful my sister, two of my favorite nieces, and my mom are sleeping upstairs in my house right now! They have come for a visit, and a special trip to the American Girl store and Cafe tomorrow to celebrate birthdays! I cannot wait. It's totally possible that I am reliving my childhood through Hope with this! After a lot a lot of looking at the catalogs and looking online, Hope has decided she wants Molly. She is pretty pumped about it, too!

Today, after Ninny got to meet Hope's beloved teacher, Miss B, we went to Sam Moon, Ikea, Justice, and our family favorite restaurant , Uncle Julios. Oh My, their bacon wrapped shrimp is to die for. Mmmm.
I don't have pictures from today, but here is an example of what fun Hope has with the cousins! We miss you Julia T! Wish you were here with us!

(And, I am also thankful for this Blog writer app on my iPhone that is allowing me to post this on my iPhone from my bed! Otherwise, tonights post would not have happened, and I would have failed 30 days of thanks after only 4 days ;)


tallgirl said...

Don't tell anyone, but I will be using the back dating feature on mine.

Nicole said...

Jill, it's so great that your family is close enough to make special visits! I'm, sure that boosts your moral a bit :)
Have fun at American Girl, what fun! this is what I'm missing out on by having a boy. Hmmmm....