Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kissy my Sissy

They really do seem to love eachother! Despite being woken up by eachother (they are both guilty of waking the other up!), stolen blankets, playing too rough, and swiped pacies! Let's pray they stay close as the number of offenses grows!

2 Months Old!

One Month

Two MonthsOne Month
Two Months

Crazy Crazy Crazy! Time has never flown so fast! This sweet boy is growing way too fast. I just want to slow time down! Here are some comparison pictures from one month old to two months old. It looks like the bear and "pretend Noah" are shrinking! I will update after his two month checkup on Tuesday!

A Noah-less outing

This afternoon we were trying to decide who wanted to take Hope to the pool, and who wanted to stay home with Noah. We really both wanted to go, but didn't want to take Noah out in the sun. So...Mimi to the rescue! She watched Noah while the three of us had a blast at the pool. Nenny taught Hope how to swim, really swim last week, and she was swimming like a fish today! She was so excited to show her daddy her new tricks! She would swim to us and then go right back under and swim again. We would have to stop her to make her catch her breath! She was so proud of herself! She enjoyed all the attention, and we all got a chuckle out of daddy's dive off the high dive! (Seriously, where is the camera when I need it?!) This is the only picture I got today, but trust me, we all really enjoyed our outing! And Noah enjoyed a little peace and quiet himself! We all missed him though, so it might be a while before we leave him again!

Thanks Michele

Thank You to my dear friend Michele for the new header for the blog! She is so good with those things! Check out the Bonewell blog on the links to the right. We miss you guys!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Over Stimulated?!

Noah's first time "playing" with his baby gym thing didn't last long! I walked away for a minute and came back to find him completely zonked! This was about 8:45 p.m. I put him to bed and he slept until 5 a.m.!

Sibling Rivalry

In a pinch, I used Hope's Little Mermaid Blanket to swaddle Noah. It was in the middle of the night, it was one of "Mimi's Perfect Swaddling Blankets" and most importantly, it was clean. When Hope woke up, she lost it! Totally flipped out. She could not believe Noah would take her blanket. I have since promised her that I will not use her special blankets without asking her first.

I think somehow he knows what just happened! Who could stay mad at a face like this?
By the way, You will soon be able to purchase Mimi's Perfect Swaddling Blankets, Nursing Cover-Ups, and Tutus...stay tuned for more details!

Real Smiles!

Fingers, Toes, A Sweet Face and One Super-Long Eyelash!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

You can't make this stuff up

I took the kids to see John in North West Arkansas this week. We had fun swimming in the pool, getting to hang out with Adam, Cyndi and Jaxon, and a little shopping. Unfortunately, John got sick Friday night. Really sick. When he felt well enough to get on the road, we did. We made it about an hour before he got sick again. Outside of a gas station. He then went into the gas station, passed out, and a vending machine fell on top of him. Seriously. He is ok, just a little scraped up, which gives you all permission to laugh now. Including myself. He will come around to laughing about it soon enough.

On to much cuter are some pictures of the kiddos this week. Noah is growing some chunky cheeks! Hope definitely has her own fashion sense with Daddy's basketball shoes and her swimsuit. She could barely pick her feet up in them!

Monday, June 16, 2008


Every Daddy with a little girl needs to watch this video by Steven Curtis Chapman.

We Are Back To Work!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day video 2007

View this montage created at One True Media
Father's Day 2007

I made this video for John last Father's Day. I was not good enough to make a new one for this year...maybe next year!

Two Ladybug Friends

Our Little Ladybug found a little ladybug friend. She named her new friend "Sam."

Trip to VB

Saturday we went to wish Papa Roy a Happy Father's Day one day early. There were plans to ride a big train, and when they fell through, we decided to take Hope to Creekmore Park to ride the little train. It was a fun park and the best part was that you could ride the train for only 25 cents! I realize I didn't get any pictures of the actual train. Just pictures at the park!

Here's Noah Red with the original RED! We think Papa Roy is pretty proud of his grandson.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Julia's (Belated) Birthday

My niece is very smart. Her birthday was in March. We all got her presents, had our own celebration, ate at Kan Pai. Then, she waits 3 months to have her birthday party. A swimming party with about a million of her friends. More presents, more cake, better weather. I am telling you, she's a smart girl. As a fellow March Birthday Girl, I can tell you, There are no swimming parties in March around here. Hope was a lot more brave tonight. We went without floaties, and she was brave enough to go under all by herself. Trust me, this is a Big Deal! She really does love the slide, but is always a little nervous until she is safe in someone's arms.

She and cousin Clara had a good time together as the big girls played with their friends. I did manage to get a picture of our Riley Kaye!

Noah at his very first Birthday Party. He got in some good quality time with his Mimi!

And lastly....have you EVER seen a scarier combination?!? Hope and pure sugar!


I wish I could remember every funny thing this child says, but I will write down a couple of things from the past week so I can remember those.
  • Hope gets a little bag of Doritos from someone at the school on days she takes a nap. (She is ridiculously spoiled by the ladies that work there! It has really helped, though, because I would say she is now napping 75% of the time. Before that, I would say it was more like 10%. So I will not complain!) Back to story. Ms. Janice stopped by Hope's room to check on her and she asked Hope if she took a nap. Hope answered "Yes!" So, then they asked one of Hope's teachers if she had taken a nap, teacher said no. They asked another teacher, teacher again says no. So Hope grabs Ms. Janice's face and whispers "They just don't know I took a nap!"
  • She was laying on my bed one night this week and Hope said she had a secret to tell me. she says, "I have rocks in my tummy." Being the over reactor that I am, I start to panic a tad, thinking about the rocks she had been playing with at the ball park, and wondering how in the world she could swallow rocks without me knowing. She then says "Can you feel them" She takes my hand and puts it on her ribs!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Bring Them Home

Big Dam Bridge

That's right. We went to the Big Dam Bridge tonight. To my Texas friends...go ahead and make your jokes. It really is a place. And it is really cool. We met Heather there and walked to the center and walked back. We would have made it all the way over, but Hope was on her tricycle and she was melting fast! Next time, both children will be in strollers!