Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's Up

I haven't been very good at keeping up with what everyone is up to on here lately. So here is a quick update, bullet point style:

Noah Red:

  • 20 months old (WHAAAT?!)
  • sweet as sugar
  • big time Mama's Boy
  • officially overly attached to a pacifier
  • sleeps like a champ (7 p.m. to 7 a.m.)
  • loves his school and his MEESHA (teacher)
  • says more and more every day
  • can name every stuffed animal in his collection (Pluto, frog, frog, wubby, Tigger, Cookie)
  • Has mad love for Elmo
  • learning the art of temper tantrums (throwing objects: check. Screaming: check.)
  • loves socks and shoes
  • no longer snacks on cracker type stuff much. He wants real food and wants it NOW
  • names most of his friends at school
  • most of the time he can be found playing with/destroying sister's favorite possessions
  • must snuggle in the recliner with his mama for 15-30 minutes in the recliner every morning before he can face the world
  • has no idea how much his little world will change in 6 months


  • 5 years, 2 months old
  • still pretty tiny
  • would prefer shots to having a doctor put a tongue depressor in her mouth at a doctor appointment
  • loves her school
  • enjoys gymnastics
  • has funny dreams that she likes to wake up and talk about
  • says she wants a sister, but will be happy with a brother because she likes Noah
  • sad to say, but a daddy's girl all the way
  • learning the art of the knock knock joke
  • gets herself completely dressed from head to toe every morning. Usually without me reminding her.
  • loves her mimi, Nenny and cousins somethin' fierce
  • would eat PB&J for every meal, every day if allowed. With a side of yogurt.
  • shown huge improvement with some of her sensory issues this year
  • needs to know the schedule. Everything that happens on Thursdays, should happen every Thursday, etc. If the schedule changes, we have to talk about it a lot before hand or she is just not ok.
  • is a dancing, hopping, hula hooping, singing, giggling ball of sunshine


  • 11 weeks pregnant
  • eating around the clock to keep from being nauseous.
  • huge because I eat all the time and third baby, but I am completely okay with that! I would rather be huge than sick any day.
  • will soon only be working 2 days a week
  • still really unorganized. Feeling pressured to get it together now that I will be home more though. Wish me luck.
  • taking on the big bad insurance company, and totally prepared to lose. They won't pay for my 20 week ultrasound.
  • has the best babies ever (sorry people, it's true. I'm sure yours are great too.)


  • works about 1,000, 000 hours a week (it's just an approximate guess)
  • determined to run a half marathon in March
  • works REALLY hard
  • is Super Dad, taking on most of the dirty work on the weekends
  • man, he works a lot
  • enjoys going to the gym when he's not, um, working
  • is way nicer than I am (no surprise there)


Sarah Roberts said...

wait a minute... Youre preggers?!!? Where have I been?! Wonderful! John isnt working too hard ;) Love you!

Brian and Kerum said...

STILL cannot believe they won't pay for your 20 week ultrasound! I have NEVER heard of that since this particular ultrasound is used to make measurements and check for abnormalities. There's GOT to be something your doc can do (ie. code it differently).

Kids seem to be doing great! Can't wait to see you guys next weekend!!!

好痛好累 said...

Better say nothing than nothing to the purpose. .........................................

rocknrolla said...

being completly selfish here, but will you still do learning lab? it's nate's favorite. did he tell you we did baking soda volcanos this weekend?