Thursday, April 21, 2011

Emmy Update

Finally! We do have an answer for what has been bothering our Emmy for so long.
And thankfully, it's a managable thing.
Emmy has Celiac Disease . I'm still learning what this means for the baby girl, but in short, it means Emmy's diet will have to be gluten free. This will be a new way of thinking for our family as we plan meals etc, but we are so very thankful that it is something so fixable. Emmy has had quite a few tests in her short life, and some for some scary scary things. So, Celiac? We can do it. She will see a specialist in the next couple of weeks, so hopefully then we will have some more answers. What I am learning is that Celiac is much more common than ever thought before. And if truth be told, I think I have it too. I will be tested soon, but either way, our family is going gluten free. If any of you have any experience with this, especially for an infant, I would love to hear! We are bread and pasta lovers, so this will be a big change to the Dyer diets :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Weekend Wrap Up

First, you must look at my sweet baby girl. I love her. In case you didn't know.
 Backing up a bit. John went to Australia for work for 10 days. So this week, we have been catching up with daddy. He took Friday off, and we went and surprised Hope by picking her up from school. We went to the Dallas World Aquarium. Hope remembers lots of odd things from when we lived in the Dallas area when she was little. I just knew she would remember some of the aquarium. But, she didn't! Not a thing. However, she did love every minute. She just took it all in. She could have stayed all day.
 This is Noah telling me about the huge anaconda snake he just saw!
 Again with the trees. I like trees, what can I say.
 And we can go ahead and add this to the "Things that freak me out" file.
 Noah's very favorite part had to be the shark tank tunnel. So cool. It was John's favorite too.
 This? Very cool.
 And on Saturday, we took off the training wheels! I won't say it was totally successful, but, she is getting the hang of it. When she isn't trying to run into parked cars and mailboxes. And, I got Noah this balance bike for a steal on consignment. Don't worry, he has a helmet. Just posing for the picture.
 Tonight, John was putting the big kids to bed while I was doing some stuff for Hope's class. Emmy was (army) crawling around and playing in the living room. John came downstairs and found this...

 This cannot be comfortable!
 And, I looked through some old blog posts and found this picture of Hope on our first visit to the aquarium, before we even knew we would be moving to Midlothian a couple months later. I think she's about 17 months old here. And who would have ever guessed we would be back 5 years later with our 3 kids living in McKinney? Craziness.

John had just graduated from graduate school and wanted to come to a conference here in hopes of making some connections for a job. We stayed with our sweet friends, the Jessees, who lived in McKinney at the time. I loved their town then, and I love it even more now that we are here! Sadly, the Jessees left a few years ago. But, they definitely influenced our decision to choose McKinney when we were looking where to live in DFW!

That's about it! Have a great week!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

At the park with some cuties!

Sometimes I really should just say no

Like when the school carnival falls on a night when John is not able to go. I love love love my Noah Red. That being said, he is not fun to take places. He screamed his adorable head off waiting to ride the train. When it was finally our turn, he had the snubs. So he would snub snub, and then let out a little "choo choo" before the snubs took over again.

Can you even believe he will be three in a couple of weeks? Me neither.