Monday, July 02, 2012

Noah is 4!

Have you heard that our very own SUPER HERO turned 4?!

 I am still not believing it. And it happened 2 months ago.
 He brings so much to our lives, that it's hard to imagine our lives without him.
 And at the same time, it seems like only yesterday that he came to save our world!
 Thank you, God for Noah Red!
Here's some Noah Red Bullet Points at age 4.

  • Weighs 30 lbs. Teetering between 30 and 31 depending on the day. Tiny tiny boy.
  • Is NON STOP!
  • Ridiculously smart. Does math in his head, gives complete directions to different locations. He knows names of interstates we are on, as well as where we are on our way to even if I drive a different way. His sense of direction is scary. He has so much information in his little head, it amazes us everyday.
  • Still getting some Occupational Therapy each week. Miss Joy is his beloved therapist and he calls her his "coach!" Love it. Love her.
  • Super emotional. Super. Emotional.
  • Still loves Batman above all else. 
  • Needs his Mama.
  • Going through a phase of needs to be held to fall asleep. Not sure what this is about, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't look forward to those snuggles every night.
  • Loves all fruit! He would pick strawberries over chocolate any day.
  • Still needs a set routine. Don't mess with his routine. Do. Not. 
  • He is pretty sure Daddy hung the moon. I love this. And I can also see the worry in his little eyes that he is afraid he hurts my feelings when he chooses daddy over me for something. 
  • Loves the people he loves. Not sure about the others. :)
  • Is trying so hard to be "Brave!" This is not something we push, but he it proud that he is "Brave of storms" when Hope is not. And he recently decided he was "Brave of fireworks" from the safety of a car. Hope is not "Brave of fireworks" in any way, so this is a big deal for him. 
  • He loves to go to the grocery store for a quick trip with just mommy or daddy. He pushes the little Kroger cart, and is VERY SERIOUS about finding all the things we need. John and I love this time too, so it works out well. 
  • Is an amazing boy and we are so proud of him!

Noah's Birthday Shirt was made HERE. You should order from her too! She's local for you Central Arkansas friends! 

Great Wolf Lodge for Noah's 4th Birthday!

Noah is a little guy who does not like to be the center of attention to a lot of people. Mommy, yes, lots of people, no. And Noah was right in the middle of a phase where he and Emmy were just not getting along. Emmy has learned to push his buttons, and Noah has not learned how to deal with his sister's aggravating.

So, instead of a party, we spent a couple of days at Great Wolf Lodge! And Emmy went to spend some quality time with Mimi and Ninny and the rest of the extended Hoover crew! 

I have to say that Great Wolf Lodge was AWESOME. It was the easiest "vacation" with 2 kids I could imagine. We did what we wanted to do, rested when we wanted to rest, and never left the building. We stayed 2 nights, and stayed until dinner time on our last day there. School was still in session, and yes we let Hope miss 2 days of school for this. But it meant that there was NO ONE in the water park. We rode rides over and over again. We genuinely enjoyed each other and there wasn't any fussing the whole time we were there. It was a great recharge for our family. And we missed our Emmy, but she certainly was well loved on, and I really wanted to focus on Noah and filling up his love cup. I think we did. He was a joy the whole time. Emmy would have had to have naps, and early bedtimes, and certainly wouldn't have slept in. I do look forward to her going with us another time though! 

The birthday boy in his new batman pjs.

I really thought we would skip a cake, but about a week before we left, it was clear Noah was expecting a Batman cake. 
Even with just the 4 of us, he was totally uncomfortable with us singing Happy Birthday to him. :)

Story time!

 We partied till he was partied out! We literally left moments after I took these pics. :)

Special memories for a special boy!