Monday, January 23, 2012

Noah's Christmas Program

Noah, Noah, Noah. Man, I love this kid. He told us for two weeks he was NOT going to sing during his Mother's Day Out's Christmas Program. 
 And, well, he was true to his word. He never opened his mouth. Not once. Didn't cry, didn't smile, and certainly did NOT sing. 
 He kept cutting his eyes at me like, "I can't believe you are making me do this."
Stubborn little toot. Where does he get this from? No. Clue. Ok, I might have an idea. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

She lost it!

We discovered Hope's first wiggly tooth just a few days before Christmas! She has been so worried that she wouldn't ever lose them! I am personally a fan of her super cute baby teeth, but at age 7 and one month, she was about the only one left who hadn't lost one, so I know she was more than ready! She didn't really wiggle it very much, so it took it's sweet time coming out! I have serious "wiggly tooth phobia." I have forever. I never pulled a tooth out. They stayed in until they fell out. And I still have dreams/nightmares about having a loose tooth. For real.

Anyway. So on Sunday, January 8 right before she went to bed, I asked her how wiggly it was. She said, well, I can lay it flat, an twist it. Dear goodness, if I had been standing I would have totally fainted. So I went and got John to investigate. He said it had to come out and he was scared she would swallow it if she went to sleep. So, this is the part where Hope lost her mind. No way no how was she about to let him pull it, or herself. So we eventually walked away. I had my suspicions that he wanted to lose it at school. At school, you get sent to the nurse's office to get a tooth necklace to put your tooth in. She has mentioned it many times. So, off to school she went on Monday, and when she walked out Monday afternoon she had the biggest smile I have ever seen. With a hole in that sweet smile! And... A tooth necklace.

Stinker pulled her tooth out that morning. John was sad he missed it, but I've got to tell you. I was thrilled! I didn't have to see it! Ha! So, of course she wrote her letter to the tooth fairy when she got home. Her cousin Clara told her if you write a note, the tooth fairy will leave you more money. I'm SURE the tooth fairy would love to thank Clara for sharing that info with her cousin. Before bed, she was a tad freaked out about the tooth fairy coming in her room after she fell asleep. So, she opted to sleep with us. Ha. And, she didn't put the tooth fairy pillow under her pillow. She put it on John's night stand so that the TF would come by daddy and not her. ;)

Mimi got her the cutest Tooth Fairy book ever with a little pillow. They were winners! We have a new tradition! The TF left her $5 and a gold coin! (chocolate, people. Chocolate.)

Now. How do I ensure she loses the next 19 at school as well? This is tooooo much. And omgeeee. I have two more kids to follow. I need therapy.