Saturday, November 20, 2010

30 Days of Thanks #20

Who would have ever thought I would make it 20 days in a row. Not me! I hope I can finish it out....

Today I am thankful that we seem to at least turned the corner on the whole Family Cold of 2010! There have been no fevers today!! Yay! The bigs were up to no good today, so they must be feeling better. John and I have been a bit sluggish, but, moving better than we were! This cold has kicked all of our rears. The only accomplishments that have been made in the last few days is that we have become alot better at the game Angry Birds on our iphones. Sad. True.

I did make it out to sell a few things at a resale shop today. Well, I attempted to anyway. Not that successful. There is a new one in town, and I took a few toys up there just to see if it was worth my time to bring more stuff. It's not. Don't bother. But, on a plus note, one of the things they passed on, a tent, someone overheard them and gave me money on the spot for it. Woo Hoo! Maybe I should just set up shop in the parking lot? That would be genius. We have ended up with 2 tricycles, so I took 1 up there to see what they would offer. I dropped the stuff off, and was told they would call me when they were ready to make an offer. When I went back, they had already placed the tricycle on the floor without me agreeing to take what they were offering. It was a 60 dollar trike that Hope rode maybe 5 times. They offered me $4. Umm, no. So I took it back. Crazy people. I miss Duck Duck Goose. :( The whole tent thing ended up being a fiasco. The owner was furious that the lady bought it from me. I understand that that is not the best place to do that, but, she had JUST passed it up, the lady handed me money, there was no one else around. The woman was like a crazy lady she was so mad. I did hold my tongue, suprisingly, but really, she was ridiculous. She made me wait 4 hours to offer me $4 for a tricycle. Just smile and hope that we will come back to shop. And as I tell Hope when she is fussy, have a happy heart. :)

Emmy Love had her first cereal today! She cried at first, but I calmed her down and tried again and she did great. Fingers crossed that this continues to go well!
She will be trying some kind of veggie for Thanksgiving! Doctor's orders.

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Brian and Kerum said...

So glad the cold is leaving your house. I'm still crossing my fingers that the stomach bug is gone from ours.

Obviously, the resale shop lady doens't care about repeat customers and only the profit she can manipulate out of people. $4 is absurd for a $60 bike. I understand needing profit for the business, etc, but seriously? Who in their right mind is going to take $4 for an almost-new-trike?

Save it for the next consignment event. I just looked it up for your area in case you didn't think to look, but you have a Just Between Friends Event. Here's the website: