Thursday, November 11, 2010

30 Days of Thanks- #11 Heroes

Today I am thankful for the Heroes who serve our country. When my little brother, Ross, was in Iraq, Hope didn't say he was a soldier, or a Marine, she always said he was a Hero. So, that's the term we use now. I think it's fitting!

Ross in Iraq
 Today, Hope's School had an assembly honoring our Veterans. We were asked to write the names of family members who had served on two stars we were given. Hope is a lucky girl. She has 4 heroes in her close family (and many more great uncles and cousins as well!)

Papa Paul and Uncle Ross shared a star.
 And so did Papa Roy and Uncle Vince
 The wall where the stars were displayed.
 The program was impressive. The kids were very respectful, and there were tons of Vets there. I was a bit surprised! Noah usually does so well during Hope's assemblies at school, but today, he was just tired and fussy, so we ended up roaming the halls for most of it! But, we talked about it again tonight and thanked God for the Heroes in our family, and all the other Heroes and their families.

I am also very thankful for one of my dearest friends, Brian Steele, and his wife, my also very dear friend, Kerum. Brian is going back for his 3rd tour of duty soon, and his wife will be holding their family together in North Carolina. They are an amazing team, the Steeles. Please keep them in your prayers.

Okay, the next part is pretty silly, but it was so fun, I wanted to share. Hope was sent home with a family project this week. The instructions stated that Tom Turkey needed a disguise to escape the farmer on Thanksgiving day. We could use anything we wanted. After we dressed him up, we had to write some sentences about our turkey and how he escaped! Hope absolutely eats this stuff up. She was so excited about it yesterday, but we didn't get a chance to work on him until tonight. She already had her plan all worked out!

Here is Tom Turkey before we dressed him. Hope did a little coloring, of course. The yellow things are, of course, spotlights. What turkey bride is complete without them, I ask you?

Here is Tom after we dressed him up. As a bride, of course! This iPhone picture is terrible, but he/she is complete with veil, necklace, artificial flowers, crown, and silver shoes! I love him/her!
These are our sentences. I wrote them exactly as instructed by Hope.
 I love love the part where she says she has to go to the church to see my man! Where does she come up with this?!


Jen said...

I love the man part also. Madeline had to make a turkey, so we made him a nurse, like her dad. But the nurse also had to wear a necklace.

Nicole said...

Jill, love your posts! Hope's turkey gave me a much needed chuckle this morning!
...on a side note, you should give me your NC friends info, or give her mine...I would love to meet her, and help her out if needed :)

Brian and Kerum said...

You brought tears to my eyes. Thank you!

We did the same turkey project here. I totally forgot to take a picture...will have to do that when it comes back in his backpack next month. Love the bride that has to go see her man!!!