Thursday, November 04, 2010

30 Days of Thanks #3 - My Sweet Emmy Love

Oh, My Emmy Love, how in the world did I ever live without you? You warm my heart. I cannot quit kissing your sweet noggin. This is a little late in being posted, but you are 3 months old! You are quick to smile, as well as quick to scream! You are definitely Mommy's Baby right now, and want me and only me. I am okay with that. It does make your Daddy a little sad when you start screaming as soon as I hand you to him, and when you calm immediately when he gives you back. But, I have no doubt, just like your sister, you will soon become a Daddy's Girl.

You did decide to finally grow some! Last week, you weighed in at a tad over 10 pounds. Still a wee one, but a growing wee one! You still take several medicines, but they have really really helped you! You still spit up quite a bit, but that just allows Mommy to dress you up multiple times per day. You are in a size 1 diaper, and, get this... you are wearing 0-3 Months clothes! Way to go sister. I do appreciate you making sure we got our money's worth on those newborn clothes.

You drink typically 6 ounces at a feeding now. Sometimes 4-5. And, my sweet precious girl, you are sleeping through the night about 6 nights a week! This makes me love you even more. We may have got you in a bad habit right now, but we swaddle you up and put you in your swing, and you are out! Daddy is usually the last one to bed, so he usually puts you in your bassinet when he goes to bed.

You adore your brother and sister, which is so fun to watch. You just cannot even contain yourself when they start talking to you! You can almost giggle. A high pitched squeal will occasionally come out when you are really excited.

Still no movement on the rolling front. Again, I am okay with that! It is so handy to be able to lay you on my bed while I get ready in the morning.

You try to "will" me to come get you out of your swing, I am convinced. If I have put you in there to get a few things done and I walk past you, you give me the stare down. If I stop to look at you for a minute, you give the biggest smiles. But, when I walk away, you usually cry. So, I pick you right back up. You are tricky like that! I carry you around the house a lot. Usually in the Moby wrap or the Baby Bjorn. You must be facing out, though, or you simply won't have it!

You have brought so much joy to my soul, sweet baby. I just cannot get enough of you.


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Brian and Kerum said...

Sweet Emmy is getting so big! Ok, big for her anyway! :-) Are you sure you weren't talking about my sweet Aiden when you wrote this? Especially the part about screaming when handed over to Daddy and then being calmed right away when handed back. Gets Brian everytime, so if John ever needs a sympathetic person to talk to, Brian's the man!