Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas Day 2008

What Santa left for Noah

What Santa left for Hope

"Hey, what are we doing up so early?"

Santa knows Hope so well! She has been wanting this movie for a while!

She loooves her new life size Barbie. Barbie's name has changed several times. So far she has been Banilla, Lizzy and Sarah.

Hope was so sweet helping brother have a Merry Christmas too! She put all of his stocking stuff on his tray and helped him play with everything.

Yep, Barbie's naked.

Grandma Sharon sent tons of presents for both kiddos. They were the first presents under the tree this year, and Hope has been trying to guess what was in different packages for days! They were the first presents she opened and wouldn't open any of the ones we got for her until she found all of the gifts from Grandma Sharon. We love you Grandma Sharon and wish you could have been here to see how excited she was!

Searching for "Grandma Sharon" gifts!

Noah always studies Papa Paul. They definitely have a bond!

Hope stole Banilla/Lizzy/Sarah's outfit

Cute picture, until you see Noah's reflux in action. Sorry, people.

One happy family

Now, here, obviously you are saying how cute Noah is. And rightfully so...he is. But, what I really want you to notice is the package behind him to the left. It was my pride and joy for a few days. I bought Riley Kaye and Julia a gift to share, so I wrapped it up in two different papers to make it look like 2 gifts. Of course, the first thing Julia said was "Riley's half is bigger!"
I have so many more pictures. If you want to see them all, including some lovely ones of us all in Hope's purple wig, scroll through the Flikr pics on the right hand side of the blog!
Merry Christmas everyone!

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