Sunday, January 25, 2009

Maccaroni and "Say Cheese!"

I was trying to document Noah joining the "I love Maccaroni" fan club that exists in our household. I am not a member of the club. Hope and John could eat it everyday. For all three meals. John likes his with beans. Or ketchup. But that's a whole other post in itself. Despite what it looks like here, Noah loved the maccaroni. He was making the funniest faces though.

Wondering where he got that look from? Look no further...

They most certainly did not learn that from their mother. No way. And when Hope realized I was taking pictures of only her, she turned on the cheese. Just like that.

Where do they get the cheese from? Mr. Cheesey himself.
And here is John trying to lay the smack down. Seriously? Ha. I laugh at your finger in my face.

And here we are reading the "Noah" book that Aunt April sent us. Thank you, April! You always find the neatest things for us!

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