Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Crime Solving Clara

First, a little background. We live in a town near "The Old Mill." It is in the opening of "Gone w/ The Wind." A month ago or so, someone set the roof of the Old Mill on fire. It was on the news, and has been the talk of the town. Who did it, is of course, the Big Question.

Ok, so tonight we were eating at G'Walls, one of our favorites. Clara looks up and says, "I know who set the Old Mill on fire." Um, ok, we all look at her. She points to a picture of the Old Mill that is on the wall and says, "Those two people standing on the bridge!" Has anyone questioned that sweet elderly couple?

Do you love Hope's new do? Ms. Kendra fixed Hope's hair at school today. A year ago, I would not have let her out of the house with three pigtails. See how far I've come? I didn't make her take them out until she got in the bath tonight.
We were at G'Walls to celebrate this sweet girl's 5th Birthday. She is one of my favorite people, that's for sure. She is just good stuff. Don't you love the pink eye shadow she chose for this special occasion?


Anonymous said...

I do love the eyeshadow.. AND the three ponytails.. don't worry.. there is still hope for you. I've come along way too! Addy used to want two ponytails and a headband.. now, I'll let her on occasion.. ha! I cannot believe how much Clara has grown. She looks just like Jen.


rocknrolla said...

which gadwalls are you frequenting? are they still in that corner of the stripcenter, and is it the same as the old one?? you know that used to me my dad's place before it was gadwall's...i *heart* their cheeseburgers.