Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve Traditions, New and Old

Today was not a typical Christmas Eve. Noah has a terrible diaper rash from his frequent diarrhea. This morning it was 100 times worse, and we took him to the doctor only to find out he has a staph infection. Poor baby. The good news is, the medicine seems to be helping the pain quickly. I am also sick with a cold, so together we are quite the pair. I decided early on today, that I would not be able to do the 10:30 p.m. candlelight service at church. I love it so much, but I was completely wiped out from being up with Noah all night the night before. Then, I started to feel bad and decided we would go. But, then Noah sealed the deal by vomiting all over me. So, no candlelight service for us. Instead, we had a family service of our own. We used the Advent Wreath that Hope made in Sunday School. John played Away in a Manger, Joy to the World and Silent Night on his guitar while we sang along. We each said a prayer. It really was special. We are thinking we are going to make this a part of our Christmas Eve traditions even when we return to the candlelight service at church next year.
Never far from our thoughts and prayers today has been John's dad, Papa Roy. He is sick and in the hospital in Fort Smith. We are hoping they figure out what is going on with him very soon and get him well and home. We are sad that he will spend Chrismas day in the hospital. Please send up a prayer for him today.
Since Hope was a baby, John and I always gave her a special book to open on Christmas Eve. We both write notes to her in the book. It was fun to make Noah a part of this tradition (although I must admit, I had put him down to sleep when we remembered. He was crying himself to sleep and I got him up and let him open his book and read it to him! Great work, Mommy.) His book is the Baby Elf's Christmas. My favorite part is the very last page when the Mommy and Daddy elves say:
"'Merry Christmas'
baby dear,
is so much merrier
with you here!"

Merry Christmas Everyone! Christ the Savior is born!

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Anonymous said...

I love Christmas traditions... we have some of our own.. by the way.. tell "santa" thanks for calling Addy... she was so excited... she told him all about putting out reindeer food.. and she had to remind him that we wouldn't be home.. we were going to grandmas... sooo funny! Love ya!

p.s. can you send me your email address.. I have a question for you... thanks!