Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hope goes to the dentist

And Mommy forgets the camera. Oops. Some points for getting there on time though, right? And for taking an extra few minutes to really scrub her teeth before we left her school, right?

Hope was awesome. I was worried about her and the noises, because of her issues with sounds. (If you don't know Hope, well, she has issues with sounds. Big issues.) The very first thing she asked when we got there was... "Mommy, what's that sound?" Crap. Not a good way to start. I told her they were cleaning someone's teeth and they use a toothbrush that makes a buzzing sound. "Mommy, I need you to hold me." Double crap.

We sit in the waiting room and they have this book in there...

We read through some of it, and then they call her name. She grabs my hand and we go. This was the last of her nervousness. This dentist rocks. If you live in Central Arkansas, and you need a dentist, email me. They have a kid treatment room. The hygienist immediately gives Hope a box with DVDs in it and tells her to pick one and shows her the TV on the ceiling. Hope picks Arthur (ok, actually first she picked a shark documentary, but I was not sure that would help the apprehension!) Then she showed Hope all of the equipment, let her touch everything, gave her some cool sunglasses to help with the bright light they use, and introduced her to her friend "Mister Thirsty." Mister Thirsty was the sucker straw thingy (I'm pretty sure that is the technical name for me out Lynley) and Hope thought that was the greatest thing ever. She laughed every time he got thirsty. They explained to me that they wanted this to be a happy experience for Hope and they wouldn't push her to do anything she was uneasy about. I'm not sure what I was worried about because Hope was a rock star. They were able to do everything they would do at a normal appointment, except the bite wing xrays (She gagged.)She got an excellent report. No cavities, good spacing, good bite, great job brushing. She earned a prize at the end. Tonight when she laid down I was telling her how proud I was of her. She told me that there was one thing that hurt at the dentist. I thought she would say the bite wings, but no, she said "It hurted my head when I had to pick a prize 'cause I didn't know which one to pick." For the record, she chose a sparkly yellow headband.

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Anonymous said...

THat is awesome.. that's how Addy's dentist is here in Jonesboro. We use Ocean Dental... they are sooo great!! Way to go Hope for not being scared!!