Friday, January 02, 2009

A few milestones

The baby boy is 8 months old, which is just ridiculous. Time is just flying. His first tooth finally popped through. It has been a booger. Sorry about the food all over him, I was finally able to get a picture of the tooth.
He has also discovered Cheerios. He is a fan for sure. He also loves Wagon Wheels and Gerber puffs of any flavor.

He has also been saying Da-da all the time. I mean allllll the time. I am still waiting for a Ma-ma-ma. He can also identify people. I say where is dada, and he looks around time he spots him and grins so big. He will do the same with mommy and Hope.

Speaking of grinning, this baby does not quit. He is the smileyest kid you have ever seen. I have never seen a happier baby. I am so thankful that he is a happy boy.

He has been eating like a champ since getting over his bug and I am sure he has gained his weight back plus some. His belly is even looking chubby.

He is sleeping in his own bed. Alert the media. He is able to put himself to sleep in his bed alone. I did not ruin him!

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