Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ear Issues take 2 (or 4?)

Noah has a double ear infection. Again. Apparently it is a bad one (or two.) But, we experienced something a little different today...

I am pretty sure Noah's right eardrum burst this evening. He woke up from a nap with dried blood everwhere, on his ear, cheek, bib, clothes. I called Dr. Shauna/ Dr. Bob to make sure I didn't need to take him to the ER. Apparently not. I think it has actually made him feel a ton better. He was so happy tonight, and that has not been the case the last 2 days. Since my initial shock/overreaction/panic, I have calmed down, done some research, and apparently this is pretty common and should heal on it's own just fine. Has this happened to any of your kids?

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tallgirl said...

it has never happened to us, but i have heard that it makes them feel better. At least you won't have to worry about an ear infection in that ear for a while.

Poor Noah. He has had a rough go.