Tuesday, January 06, 2009

8 Sweet Months

Let me say that this "Bear + Baby + Noah" Monthly photo session is getting more and more difficult. . . He will do anything to not lay straight!
If you get him laughing though, he will stiffen up and kick his legs straight out!
He is sooo big!
He is now longer than the blanket, and he doesn't like to lay still... We might have to change the pose to sitting up like this!
Noah has brought nothing but love into our house. He is just the sweetest baby and we are all so crazy about him. I just can't even tell you how in love I am.

I think it's safe to say that sister is pretty crazy about him too. A little bit of jealousy here lately for the first time, but luckily she still takes it out on her mommy. She is always always sweet to her brother.

We were in the mall in Ft. Smith last week and they were in the sit and stand stroller. Hope was rubbing his hair so sweet and talking to him. Then she looked at me with a look that could kill (where oh where did she get this?!) and said "Mommy, his name is HARRISON! You should have named him Harrison because I LIKE THE NAME HARRISON!" Oh, the sass my friends. The sass is a little out of control. We are working on it. I got down and looked right into her eyes and said in the very sweetest voice I could muster and said "When you grow up and have a baby, then you should name your baby Harrison." (And then, because of the sass I took the little panda bear she wanted to buy and I put it back on the shelf and we had ourselves a little 'Come to Jesus' meeting about how we talk to our mommy... good times.)

But, seriously, I have the very best babies. Sass and many night wakings included, they are the best.


tallgirl said...

I like reading blogs of people whose kids are close to my kids age. Oh man. The sass in our house is out of control. my favorite is

"... but actually...". uh.. if you are saying but, you can just go to your room.

Ben, Martha, Will, and Caroline said...

Those sweet little boys are something, aren't they?

Kerum said...

Did you say you were in Ft. Smith and didn't even call to see if we wanted to meet up!?!? GIRL!!!

Love the pictures though...and the the ones of them both are adorable! They are both getting so big!