Friday, October 03, 2008

Noah is 5 months old, and sister might be just a little jealous!

So, I am a few days late on the 5 month pictures, sorry! I put Noah on the blanket and asked Hope to go find "pretend Noah" and "The Bear" while I found the camera and memory card. I came back to find them all posed for the picture...+ 1 very cute little girl smack dab in the middle. She was not going to move until I took her picture too. So here it is.

She agreed to help me try to get him to smile (unsuccessful, oh well.)She became more and MORE help as I kept taking pictures.I gave in and let her back into the pictures.

She does love that brother. I have no new Noah stats because we haven't had any Dr. appointments since his 4 month visit, but I can tell you he is bigger. He is a fairly mellow baby at home. When he wakes up in the morning, he is so super smiley. I just love it. It is hard for me to tear myself away from the fun to go take a shower and get ready. Hope talks to him and he just giggles. Definitely the best part of the day. He will still hang out in the swing for a little while, but the mobile is not as entertaining as it once was! He likes to be in the excersaucer and to roll around on the floor. He drools like no other baby I have ever seen. Still no teeth, but loads of drool. This makes for some great rasberries! He also plays a little game we like to call "suck face." If you kiss his cheek, he "kisses" your cheek right back. He actually sucks your cheek really hard. Once he gets going he is hard to stop! Here is a picture of a recent game of "suck face."

He still suffers from "his condition." Don't be alarmed, "His Condition" refers to his need to be held a lot. It has been greatly improved, probably by him going to school. His teachers say they can tell when I have been at home holding him all weekend. I am guilty as charged! His teachers really seem to love him anyway, despite the condition. They are actually able to get him to nap in his bed for long stretches of time. Impressive for sure. Speaking of sleep, Noah has slept through the night once in his whole life. He still wakes up every three hours on the dot. Any suggestions? We are going to try feeding him bananas tonight thanks to William's mommy's suggestion. I honestly don't think he is hungry when he wakes up because as soon as I start to feed him, he goes right back to sleep, but maybe if the bananas stick around a little longer he will stay asleep a little longer. If he would just wake up once per night, I would be perfectly happy. It's the multiple times that kill me. He is pretty worth it though. He recognizes us now which is so much fun. He is still a mama's boy, but he thinks his daddy is just hilarious. John can just look at him and he giggles. This age is so much fun!

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tallgirl said...

What a great idea to take pictures on the blanket and with the teddy! I am kicking myself for not thinking of it myself.

What a beautiful family you have!