Thursday, October 09, 2008

Wubby Update

We had so many folks looking for the wubby! Mission Accomplished! Grandma Sharon found a store in south Texas that had 2! They are on the way to our house as we speak. If anyone else in interested in a wubby (I swear it is the softest thing ever) the brand name is Bearington Bear. Noah is a fan of "Wee Peanut." It is the Blue Elephant. They have a Wee Frog, and Wee Lamb and I think a pink one. A lot of Hallmark stores carry them, but for some reason, the elephant has proven to be difficult to find. Now Noah has one for home, one for school and one for the car. Perfect. Thank you D'Dawn and Clay for the original Wubby, and thank you to Grandma Sharon for making sure he is never without one.

I wanted to get Noah's picture with these PJs on because they are about the only piece of Hope's clothing that he has been able to wear. I am learning why it is a good thing to buy gender neutral items!

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