Friday, October 03, 2008

Wanted: A New Wubby

Meet Noah's Wubby. He "wubs" his wubby very much. Noah's Mommy is notorious for losing things. Not a good combination. When we realized that Hope was very much attached to her Ooh Ooh early on, we went out and got another...and another. I have lost one of the 3 of her Ooh Oohs, so I can tell you this was a wise decision. Back to the wubby. We need some back up wubbys. Noah's mommy is liking this wubby because it is small, soft and doesn't rattle. A hard combination to find in a lovie blanket. Problem, these are not easy to find. The original came from D'Dawn and Clay and she gave me some places to look. So far, no luck. I went to the mall, and to every Hallmark around here. No wubbys. These pictures are for Heather, who is going to go check out the Maumelle Hallmark tomorrow. Because she loves him. And because she knows how Noah's mommy looses things. Wish her luck! Thanks Aunt Heather!

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