Thursday, October 23, 2008

Vaccinations Question

Have any of you delayed any of your babies vaccinations? I want to first say that I see the benefits of vaccinations. Hope has had every vaccination on time, no problems and I am thankful for that. In fact, she even just got the flu mist last week. And she will get her 4 year shots in a couple more weeks. Noah, however has not done well with his 2 and 4 month vaccinations. For his 6 month vaccinations, his pediatrician and I have decided to stagger them. Basically every six weeks he will receive another vaccination. He will still be "school legal." Dr. Laura said it was a good time to see if this works because no shots are normally given at 9 months. If he does well, great! If not, however, I am not sure what we will do. I can't not have him vaccinated and send him to school. And on the other hand, we can't afford for me to not work. I say that, but of course if he is going to get sick from his vaccinations, and therefore can't go to school, we would somehow find a way, but it would be very difficult financially. If this delayed round doesn't go well, we will pull the plug for a while. I will not risk it. Of course there is all the stuff in the media right now about the MMR vaccine being linked to autism, but then you have the medical community saying that it's not true. I do put a lot of my trust in medicine, especially Dr. Laura, but now I am also seeing that not every child reacts the same way to vaccines. Maybe the 30+ childhood vaccinations are just too much for some babies. Maybe my Noah is one of those babies. Just thought maybe some of you would have some insight!


tallgirl said...

I didn't do it, but I had some friend that did. I know one friend did it because she had two babies have complications right after their shots and thought it wouldn't hurt to delay her son.
I haven't been too worried about Baby P because we roll in pretty late for his checkups and he is gigantic. He seems to handle it all pretty well. I actually have him in a vaccination trial.

Kerum said...

Good for you for looking into delaying vaccinations and not just following the typical medical advice and giving him something that has obviously given him problems before.

Vaccinations definitely have their place and have saved millions of lives, however, the medical/pharmaceutical community always say they are right until they are clearly proven wrong (how many drugs have been recalled because they are clearly deemed unsafe???)

Definitely check into Dr. Sears book, "The Vaccine Book." I have heard that the delayed schedule that he uses is so much better for babies. Good luck!