Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vote No to Act One

So this is a pretty "happy blog." I don't enjoy controversy so I don't speak much about politics and such on this blog. I was raised in a bipartisan household. My mom and dad have canceled out each others votes for as long as I can remember. I think because of this I am a bit of a fence straddler. I will say that I do tend to lean to the left. I will also say that my vote will go to Obama on November 4. Although I do feel very strongly about this, I will not waste my time trying to convince you why you also should vote for him. I think everyone has made up their mind, and I do respect that. As long as you vote, I am happy.

Now for my brief stand on my soapbox. If you live in Arkansas, Please vote No to Act One. No matter if you are a democrat, republican or fellow fence straddler. These children need homes. Act One only makes it harder to find loving homes for these children. If for what ever reason you vote yes, I think you should be required to immediately become a foster parent.

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