Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hope's Day

We took Hope to the Fair by herself on Friday. She was concerned about Noah not getting to go with us and I told her it was "Hope's Day." It was kind of an odd feeling all day. It used to only be the three of us all the time, but now it is so strange not toting Noah around with us. It was definitely no place for a five month old and I know he had a much better time hanging out with his baby buddies. We went on Kiddie Day when the rides were free from 10 to noon. Then we grabbed some yummy fair food (I loooove fair food...especially Greater Taters!) We went to the children's barn, saw some animals, Hope had her face painted, rode a few more rides, played a game and headed out. It was a great day together!
*We always say Hope has a mind like a steele trap. On the way to the fair we were telling her where we were going and she started naming all the things we did at the Texas State Fair. She was 2 years old and she named about 10 things she remembered doing there. See that post by clicking here.
* I was not feeling well on Thursday and I was about to take a bath. Hope asked what I was doing and I said I was trying to feel better so that we could go to the fair tomorrow. She said "But Mommy, they have trash cans and potties at the fair." I said "Umm, ok." She said "You can just throw up in those at the fair!" Great idea Hope. Nice to see you care! :-)

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