Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Fun Day With Sister

Hope had her first real playdate today with "Sister." If you have been keeping up with this blog, you have already heard about "sister." Sister is Hope's bestie, LJ. They were in the same class at school last year, and they started telling everyone that they were twins. Sister has beautiful dark dark hair and eyes, which makes it very funny. They are also concerned that we might not be able to tell them apart. Anyway they call eachother sister and they love eachother so much. (Wow, this is probably really confussing because I also refer to Hope as Sister on this blog. For this post only, sister refers to LJ! sorry) Sister's daddy is running for office and is campaigning right now and has asked us if sister can come play with us on Saturdays until the election is over. It will be so fun to spend some quality time with sister. She is precious. I don't like to post pictures of other peoples kiddos w/o permission, so pics are limited. After the rain cleared out, we headed to the zoo. Perfect zoo weather today!

Hope doesn't ask to hold Noah as much as she used to, but sister wanted to hold him today, so of course, so did Hope.

And speaking of holding, Noah is working really hard at holding his bottle all by himself!

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