Monday, October 13, 2008

"What are you all doing right now?"

Daddy called tonight and wanted to know what we were doing. He asked me to take some pictures so he could look at them on the blog. These are all during the "Dancing with the Stars" hour. Hope is a DWTS fanatic. While John and I were in Vegas, Mimi got the girl hooked on the show. She doesn't like the results show, and on the dancing night, don't dare watch it live. She just wants you to fast forward so she can dance to each dance. No talking. No scores. Just dancing. Oh, and she has to have a wardrobe change for each song. Seriously. She will not wear the same dress twice in one night. She wants me or John to dance with her. She tells me exactly what to do, and it usually involves me lifting her or flipping her over.

Noah was hanging out watching Mommy and Hope act crazy. I wonder what he thinks of our mad dancing skills.


tallgirl said...

She is adorable. that cracks me UP.

Anonymous said...

Addy is the same way... We have some of the same dresses!! Addy likes to put on a CONCERT though.. with singing and dancing... oh, the laughs!