Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hope's Got Style

Hope takes dance. She loves it. The absolute best part of dance is that the teacher comes to Hope's school to give lessons. Are you kidding me? Sign us up. All I have to do is pack her dance bag on Wednesdays. I put in a pair of tights, her ballet shoes and leotard. Apparently, some children have "tutus" on their leotards. The ones I bought do not. She wants a "tutu." Now, the ones I have seen children wear to dance are more like very simple skirts. So, last Wednesday I packed her bag complete with shoes, black leotard and red tights (with black hearts. We have to stand out a little, right? Hope is in charge of carrying her dance bag to the car and into school. She managed to sneak her big HUGE Ladybug tutu into her little dance bag. When it was time for dance, she apparently didn't want to wear the black leotard, and chose to wear the Halloween shirt instead. Here is the picture her dance teacher just sent me!

That's my girl! Love her!


HT said...

TOO funny. Gotta love her style!


tallgirl said...

That's great. You will need to torture her with that photo later.
peanut's photos didn't turn out but Lyn promised some this week. i can't wait to see them.