Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

I will post about Christmas soon. I am going out of order, surprise! Look people, the ADD, it is not pretty.

So first. I have had 157 people text me or ask me about our wonderful Christmas Eve Surprise. Since the secret is out on her blog ... I will just say that we had the privilege of welcoming our dear friends at the airport as they returned from China with a little something they we have been waiting for for FOUR long years. Ok, maybe a little someone...

Meet Logan, and his very happy Mama:

I will wait and let her post the beautiful story. It was the perfect way to celebrate Christmas, watching little Logan be welcomed into his family.

We didn't ALL get to welcome little Logan, however, as one little baby girl who shall remain nameless EMMY came down with RSV on Christmas EVE. That, my friends, really is another post all together.

Skipping ahead. Speaking of April, she has kept up with 65 things to do this last year. Wow. I want to do something similar, but not sure I can handle that amount, so bear with me while I figure out exactly how I want to approach it. I have never been a resolution keeper, but I am being quite ambitious this year and making several. Here are a few things I want to accomplish this year:
  • Join a Sunday School class (we joined a church here, but have not made it to Sunday School yet.)
  • Take a sewing class (Mom bought me a sewing machine for Christmas. I am not sew good, just yet!)
  • Get my drivers license situation taken care of... once and for all.
  • To not eat at McDonald's for a year. This sounds so silly, probably, but it is my weakness. I love McDonald's. I am totally serious. I love the greasy goodness. I made a ticker at the bottom of the blog. Oh yes, I did.
  • Get Emmy's shadowbox bought and put together and displayed
  • Organize my pictures, both prints and digital
  • Figure out how to talk the people at Adobe into giving me the Lightroom software, since I want it soooo bad, but can't afford it. Ok, maybe this is not something I will do. But still. I do want it. Bad.
  • Find a good Bible Study. And go.
  • Potty Train Noah. Sooner than later

A Look Back At Our 2010:









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