Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mimi and Papa Paul's Visit

My mom and dad flew in for a quick visit earlier this week! My dad had not come to visit yet, so we were happy he finally came to see us. Every time we go to Ikea, someone says something about how much Dad would love it. We were right! I am pretty sure he picked up, studied, and declared what a good deal every single item was! He was not happy that he had flown and therefore could not bring home all of his heart's desires! I have no doubt he will be showing up with a truck next time. As always, I was terrible about getting my camera out when someone visits. I just enjoyed having them here. I stole a few off of mom's facebook page, and I did take a few of the fabulous makeovers Hope and Mimi gave each other! I somehow got my mom to try two different things while she was here. The first was sushi. She had never had it before. And she loved it! Woo hoo! Isn't it supposed to be the mom making the daughter try something new and not the other way around?! Oh well. And also, California Pizza. Her first question was if they had pepperoni pizza. I did tell her she was not allowed to eat pepperoni. She tried my favorite Spinach and Artichoke Pizza, and again, she loved it. Success. We did have to take Dad to Uncle Julio's so that he could finally taste what my sister, brother in law, and pretty much any one else in our family talks about when coming here. He approved. The Plato Gordo does not disappoint. What he did not approve of, was the Texas water. That's ok, neither do we. Little Rock has the best drinking water in the world. No, for real. We miss it. I will never be okay with our water tasting like dirt. When hearing that our new town had been named in the top 5 places to live, he came up with a new slogan for Little Rock:
Little Rock. We aren't McKinney, TX, but have you tasted our water?

Here are some pics: Noah was so excited to ride the "Hersie" at the mall. I think Mimi was pretty excited too.
 We visited the outlet mall near our house, and Noah's reward for not loosing his two year old mind being somewhat good was riding what he calls "The Garbage Truck", but is actually the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Mobile.
 Mimi and Hope love have makeovers! They had some big plans for Mimi's last night here! Hope pulled out the lipstick I bought in Las Vegas, that I have only worn in Las Vegas!
 Poor Hope has a mom who rarely wears any makeup, and never fun things like eyeshadow. Thankfully, I was able to dig up a free sample of eyeshadow I had so the night was not a total loss.

Aren't they lovely? And isn't Mimi a good sport? :) This was before the hairdos! ;)
Hope hates to say goodbye. Hates it. You can see her start to worry about someone leaving a full day before they leave. It really is sad. She is ready for a long Mimi visit again. At school, they write in a journal everyday (?) and then their teacher or a volunteer will help them publish their favorite story with correct spelling, grammar, etc. Here was Hope's published story from last week:

Mimi and Hope are at the table, and I am back there (without makeup!) taking pictures.
And yes, Mimi, you can have the story.

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pittle said...

Great story! Glad Mimi & Papa Paul got to visit. Mimi is my favorite cousin. Papa Paul was my hubby's roomie in college one year. Mimi & I did not know that until they got married & Mike asked if he was the same Paul Hoover that went to SCA (now UCA). So we have double ties to them!!!