Thursday, January 06, 2011

A Keeper

You have seen this picture before, probably, but I have been playing with it a lot. I think this is the way I want it on a huge canvas...after I save up for that :) Of course, I wish Hopey Lou was in there too, but I have come to terms with the fact that the perfect picture with all three kids is just not going to exist any time soon. Plus, we have 1000 professional pictures of Hope all over our house. And not the others. Yet. If you don't remember, Noah was not a fan of his baby sister in the first few days. This was one of the very first sweet moments they ever had. Love love.


Brian and Kerum said...

Love this picture and the edit you did. So sweet!!!

Karen Cleveland said...

how sweet! you know Kristen Gilbert from mops can make you a really big canvas for less than $100!!! great deal! I will be using her soon. Sorry I did not call you back was a busy day. Today is my birthday and Richard is keeping the kids and letting me have the whole day to my self!! Yay! Hope you guys have a good weekend! talk soon--can't wait to get some pointers for Disney World.