Friday, January 21, 2011

Help me, I Have Created a Cheerleader

Hope has been so excited that she has become an Upward Cheerleader! Hope has always wanted to be a cheerleader, and I have always wanted her to not be a cheerleader. I really don't know why, I cheered through college, but I really hoped she would stick to the gymnastics and such. But, when we heard about Upward, we thought it was a great opportunity for fellowship as well as getting her some cheerleading in! It is at our church, and has been a great opportunity for her to meet new friends and get to know some school friends better. My favorite part is that she memorizes a pretty long scripture each week. Her memory scares us sometimes how quickly she can memorize things.
She was so fired up for her first game!
On this chilly morning she walked outside and said, "I think Cheerleaders should wear pants." Ha! 

 Some half time entertainment!
 She was really into it!

I love this... 

And look how pumped she got the crowd!

(Emmy yawning there made me laugh.: )
And look how pumped this fan was!
 I promise Mommy was excited for you, Hope. You did a great job!


Sarah Roberts said...

Rilee tried cheerleading (despite me trying to convince her how cool softball and volleyball is). She did Upward for a few years and this year was her first year to be competitive and spend absurds amount of money on it... (as you can see I was against her being a Cheerleader). My favorite moment was when I went to go watch her at her first game of the 'competitive' league... and she was terrible. I was so happy to know that Cheerleading what not going to last (because she was awful at it). Does that make me a terrible big sister?

Also, she LOVES Volleyball now :)

tallgirl said...

man. i LOVE the skirts they are wearing. Are those shorts rather than bloomers?

We see that same face Noah has A LOT. I hope you are well.

jilljohnandhope said...

Tallgirl, they are fabulously fabulous skorts. More like athletic shorts with a flap to look like a skirt sewn on the front. I'm sure we could get you one! :)