Thursday, January 06, 2011

Emmy Love 5 Months (& 2 weeks...oops)

Emmy, my Love,
We still have not figured you out! :) You continue to surprise us, all the time. You like bananas, you don't like bananas. You like the car, you Don't like the car. You sleep through the night, you don't sleep through the night. Oh, baby girl, it appears you have your mother's indecisiveness. You rolled over twice on Christmas day at Nenny's house, but not again since. The biggest change from 4 months to five months is how big you are! At 5 months, you weighed 13 pounds 2 ounces! You jumped 10 percentile points in 4 weeks. Up to the 16th! My little bitty baby that wouldn't grow has turned into a bit of a chubby baby! I call you "Fatty" quite a bit, but Daddy does not like when I say that. But, I promise you, it is a term of endearment :) You have the most awesome neck rolls ever! Look!

(Okay, yes, I did dress you up in Noah's baby clothes, sorry about that.)
You still like me, a lot. The closer you can be to me, the happier you are. If I could just glue you to me, you would be so so happy. So, instead, I end up "wearing" you a lot. Baby Bjorn, Moby Wrap, Peanut Shell... You like them all. And I use them all a lot, because if I stick to only one, my back starts to hurt. I actually just added an Ergo to the list, because I like that I can actually wear you on my back, but I am not sure I like it or not enough to keep it. I think maybe I am too short? Who knows. At some point, though, I am going to need you to ride in the stroller when we are out. Can we make a deal?

And, last night, I finally finished your nursery. We bought your dresser last weekend, and we have worked hard to finally finish everything. I know it seems like it should have been done a while ago, but it was pretty low on the priority list with you sleeping in our room for so long and us keeping all your clothes downstairs in our room... but, you are a big girl now who likes her own bed now, so it was time to make the room yours. I love it. I hope you do too.

You are quick to smile, but not quick to laugh. It takes some work to hear that belly giggle that we love so much.

You cannot eat enough in the morning. You wake up starving, and down 7 ounces right away. Then, an hour later, maybe an hour and a half, you are demanding another bottle. And you usually get it. You take another 5-7 ounces! Crazy baby. Then, you settle back into your 7 ounces every 3 hours schedule for the rest of the day.

You follow every move we make. You can turn circles on your back, and you will turn and turn until you get a better view of who you are watching. You have rubbed off a big chunk of hair on the back of your head by doing this, so don't come crying to me about your hair being all uneven ;)

You are such a delight. I tell you all the time that I never knew how much I needed you.

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