Monday, January 10, 2011

It Snows in Texas?

We had prepared Hope for the fact that it doesn't snow much in Texas. That there might not be snowman building during our time here. Hopey Lou loves some snow. So does her Daddy. When the forecast started calling for snow, I did not even tell her. Until the morning of when it seemed it was for sure headed our way. The biggest snowflakes ever started falling and so began the non stop pestering questioning of WHEN CAN WE BUILD A SNOWMAN?
Daddy did not disappoint with his 7 foot giant snow man, that of course Hope is taking all credit for. I mean, how else would those eyes and nose gotten on just right?
This was the best view in our house as the snow fell. The kids and I just sat on the balcony/hallway and watched it come down.
Our first snow in our new house.
Enter Jill's ADD: Thanks for the boots, Mom!
Follow the Leader!
My adorable baby who came out just for some obligatory pics with the pink snowsuit. My sister's girls, my girls, and Baby Rosalie have all worn this for their first snow!
Now is when you should feel a bit sorry for poor Noah, who, unfortunately for him, did not outgrow the "Hoover Gnome Snowsuit" this year. To remind you, all 4 of us Hoover siblings wore this bad boy at some point in our childhoods. And many of the grandkids have suffered through had the pleasure of wearing as well. Maybe next year Noah will grow, and pass it on to his baby sister. :) If this doesn't make you think of Randy from The Christmas Story, then clearly you missed the marathon on TBS this year.
Hope has a pretty good snowball strategy worked out. She is a smart girl who knows that it is best to not throw one at Mommy. Daddy and Noah were not so lucky.
All of my snowbabies.
Oh, I loooooove him. Melts Mommy's heart. He yelled "HI YA" everytime he threw snow at someone.
Walking out to the snow.
More snow fighting. Daddy shows no mercy.
Hope thought a little too long on her strategy here, and daddy swooped in while she was thinking hard.
The bigger, the better
Please forgive me again as my pictures are all mixed up and nothing in the world is more frustrating than trying to rearrange pictures in the new blogger.  This is how we roll on a snow day. In our pjs, playing some wii...
You can't see this clearly, but let me assure you, Emmy is screaming her head off because she can see me and realizes that "OMG SHE'S NOT HOLDING ME!" Emmy does fine entertaining herself for a few minutes if I am nowhere in sight. If she can see me, it's not pretty. And yes, my santas are still on the mantle. I'm not quite done putting away Christmas. Almost. Promise. Don't judge.
And now for some reminiscing for Mommy. I was trying to think if there was any snow the last time we lived in Texas, in the grand town of Midlothian... I came across these. I so miss this little 2 year old Lulu baby.

And to round out the fun, John got to call poison control tonight after dear Noah drank some "Liquid Bandage" stuff. That he got after climbing on the tub, onto the bathroom counter, and into the medicine cabinet, and then opened and drank. Where were his parents? I have no idea. Just kidding. He wanted to nap on our bed, but snuck into the bathroom when we thought he was asleep. He is 100% fine, just crazy.


tallgirl said...

BabyP has little tolerance for the snow. His sister on the other hand, was dressed and ready to get out the door at 730 this morning. He callapsed into bed yesterday from partying too much.

Sarah Roberts said...

I love love love these pictures!