Saturday, January 22, 2011

Art Show!

 Hope's artwork was chosen to be in a district-wide Art Show this month. A few were chosen from each grade at each school, and we were so happy for her. We got to go to the district office Thursday night to see her artwork and for her to get her certificate.

 Even she didn't know what piece had been chosen, though, so it took as a bit to find hers! She had done texture rubbings on different pieces of paper, and then cut out the different pieces to make tulips. I should have known it would have involved scissors and a collage, because that is what she loves to do!

So proud of her certificate!
With her art teacher, Ms. Fee. She really does an amazing job. Each of the other elementary schools in our district their art on display, and I thought our pieces were the most diverse, a credit, no doubt, due to Ms. Fee. Hope always loves art day at school!
Explaining her work to daddy. He might have been a tad bit proud. Maybe.
And, we had to show baby sister too, or most likely, we wanted our little friends see that we could carry our baby sister...
Noah Red was not as impressed with the art show, and we had to leave as he was disturbing the peace.
We celebrated by trying yet another pizza place, Brooklyn's. Blah. Why is there no outstanding pizza here? I need some US, or Paxton's, or even Larry's!
Baby sister was in such a great mood before I started getting her ready for bed, I had to take some pics of her in her rocking chair.


Karen Cleveland said...

Way to go Hope! I had no idea that only a select few were picked for the art show. Cooper was selected too and we did not go to the ceremony Thurs. I am such a bad mom!! Hope did a great job on her artwork--Cooper loves art too : )

Nicole said...

Jill, can I just tell you how happy it makes me to see your blog posts? What awesome kids you have.