Monday, November 23, 2009

30(ish) Days of Thanks 23

Today I am thankful for a day to feel like myself again. I kept Hope out of school, took her to eat lunch with sweet Clara, went to the mall with Julia and Mimi, bought John's birthday present, talked to Santa. I never felt rushed, stressed, tired... it was just a good day. Tonight Hope had our neighbor Ella over to play, we ate dinner, read books, and I just finished watching the Jon and K8 finale. All in all, just a good good day.

Tomorrow I have big plans for decorating for Christmas, plus my weekly lunch with Shauna and Deni. Wahoo! I do have to work on Wednesday, but I am trying not to think about it. I think I can handle working ONE day this week, right?
Insert random story here: we were at the mall today when Hope said, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" This statement in itself made me laugh, but then I asked what was she thinking. She said, "it's time to decorate our house for Christmas." She said it so put out, like it was going to be some huge chore for her!
I am still working on my Disney World pictures. My computer is acting very tired lately, so I have only been able to upload a few at a time to Flickr. But, I did pull this one off Flicker just now...

To me, Tinkerbell was one of the best characters we saw in the park. She was very much, ummm, Tinkerbell. She talked really fast, was a little bit snotty, she was everything I would expect Tink to be. Hope looved her. Tinkerbell recognized Hope as a "tinker" right away because of the "daisy top hair" (just like hers) Hope couldn't wait to get the words out of her mouth that she was Tinkerbell for Halloween. She wanted to do the Tink pose that Julia taught her. She was a bit shy, so this is not the full out pose, but I was proud she did it at all!

This is an oddish story. This guy obviously wanted to be in my pictures. Between my big camera and my camera phone, he is in no less than 20 pictures. And, get this, this is during the parade. Shouldn't he just walk past us? I remember thinking, "move on, dude." But, he was obviously enjoying the spotlight! He was seriously blocking my view of every float and character that was coming. I even have some nice (not) butt shots.

So, if you want to see some Disney pics while I am still working on getting them, you can click on the flickr box on the right hand side of the page. Check back because I am trying to do some every night!

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