Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Adding to our family

Not now! Sloooow down people. But, it is something I think about often. Noah will not be "the caboose." And, it is probably not a suprise to those who are around us often that we hope to adopt one day. I think adoption is another incredible way that God shows us how awesome He is. How he leads peoples hearts to find their children, awesome. I mean, even the agonizing waits are just part of His plan of uniting forever families. Sometimes oceans away. Amazing to me. One of my dear sweet best friends waits and waits for her daughter in China. This month will be 2 years! And my heart breaks for her as she waits. I cannot imagine how hard it is. But, wow, I also cannot imagine what it will be like for her when travels across the earth and HER perfect daughter is placed in her arms.

My thoughts about adoption often go to the "where" would we adopt from. Before Noah was born, I would have said Vietnam. I am not so sure now. Recently, the adoption programs for US families adopting from Vietnam have closed. For how long, who knows. It is a really sad situation. At one point, John would have probably said Ethiopia. We are pretty open at this point! All of this to say, I usually think of overseas. I'm not sure why, maybe that's God's plan for us. But recently in my late night researching, I found this website. www.thecallinarkansas.org. Watch the video. I am pretty much in awe.

While we have put our adoption plans on hold for a bit, my heart is still in it. I am still excited about the prospects. We continue to think, to dream, and to pray about it.

Back to our family verse...

For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. Plans to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11

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tallgirl said...

WE have thought about fostering once the kids get bigger.

i have a friend who is adopting a 9 year old. She is working on a PhD and he is an engineer. They wanted a child, but didn't want an infant. She was a little hard to place because of some prior issue. I could just kiss them both.