Monday, December 15, 2008

Pictures of the Christmas Pageant should go here...

Hope was to be a lamb in our church Christmas Pageant on Sunday. We were all fired up about it. Being one of the children's ministers at our church, it is possible that I even had something to do with letting the 3 and 4 year olds be animals in the play just so Hope could be a lamb in the play since she is still a bit too young for choir. I might have even begged our new music minister to let them be in it. I'm just saying it's POSSIBLE that I would have done that. Just thinking about pictures of my little fuzzy lamb in front of the manger scene MIGHT have been enough to push me to beg.

Hope was over the top excited to be a lamb. Saturday we talked about it several times. We even bought this special book to give her on this special day.

Saturday night, we left the babies with my mom so that we could go to a Christmas Party. My mom called us at the party to tell us that Hope was throwing up. So began Vomitfest-2008. Hope was so sick. She threw up no less than 12 times before midnight. Noah had nonstop diarrhea all weekend and vomited several times as well. Needless to say, our little lamb was missing from the nativity scene. I went to church and we found a replacement lamb. The animals were oh so cute, but I was very sad that Hope wasn't there.

When I got home, I gave Hope her book. We talked about the sheep and the shepherds and the "real baby Jesus". Ahhh, isn't it funny how a child's book and a 4 year old can remind us (even the mommy who thought it was soo important that her daughter be in the Christmas Pageant) what Christmas is really all about? The real baby Jesus.

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