Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Be gone stomach bug

Noah just can not get rid of this stomach bug. Now he is pretty weak and won't put any weight on his legs. We are going to the doctor at 4:00 to see if he is dehydrated. Say a little prayer that he is not and that he will get better very soon!


tallgirl said...

I hope the poor boy is feeling better soon. If Baby P isn't better tomorrow, we are going as well. He seems to be alright. I would have sent him today, but this morning was another weird poo. I have a hard time differentiating between a sick one and a "just drinking a lot of milk" one.

Jen said...

Poor baby! I am sorry to hear that. Nothing worse than a poor, sick baby.

Anonymous said...

How is he doing today? Any better??

BTW--- Addy keeps talking about how last year "Santa" called her.. and he hasn't called her yet this year... you might want to pass that along to your dad.... you know, I'm just saying... in case he has any connections with 'santa'


rocknrolla said...

how is noah doing? i hope he's much better-