Monday, December 15, 2008

Dear T@rget

Dear T@rget ,
What can I say, I love you again. As you know, we have had a love/hate relationship for some time. Your $1 popcorn and drink combo was always just enough to keep Hope (or Clay) entertained while I shopped for whatever I needed. Then, you raised your prices on that, and everything else. I loved your adorable baby girl clothes for Hope, but for Noah, you are severely lacking in the cute department. Everything that is almost cute, you have to stick Winnie the Pooh on, or a giant soccer ball. You had me head over heels in love with you in Texas with your SuperT@rget stores everywhere with their already prepared gourmet meals that I could just pick up and put in the oven (instructions included...big plus.) Then, as has happened in the past, you burned me again with your ridiculous return policy and wouldn't let me return duplicate items that were purchased from my registry. My sister, mother and I spoke to everyone in the store (and I am pretty sure we got someone fired, oops!) and no one would budge. They all suggested I ask one of the givers of the duplicate gifts for the receipt. Yes, that is not at all tacky. So, still I have two duplicate " T@rget Exclusives " still in their boxes. I vowed not to let anyone I care about register with you for their weddings or new babies. I vowed that our relationship would never be the same. Oh, I still visit you from time to time, but whenever I can buy things from other discount stores, I do. In fact, I have not bought one can of formula from you since the birth of my dear son, and only in a pinch have I bought diapers or any type of groceries or household items. Not that you miss me, it just makes me feel better.

Oh, but you know me too well. When running in to grab pedialyte for my dear sick babies (you were directly on my way home, which was the only reason I chose you) you had one sole pair of the most adorable baby slipper shoes I have ever seen.

So, for now, I love you again. Let's just hope I don't have to take them back for any reason.
Love you,

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