Friday, December 19, 2008

Another day, another case of diapers

Thanks for all of the concern about the baby boy. Yesterday he started smiling again. He has not vomited since Wednesday when we went to the doctor. Noah had lost more than half a pound which is a lot when you are a runt like Noah! He was not dehydrated, but headed in that direction, so the doctor prescribed zofr@n . He has not thrown up since our appointment, so that is great. I thought yesterday that the diarrhea had slowed down, but today, he is back in full force. He has had 5 bad diapers since I got home from work around 6 p.m. We have started him on the diarrhea diet of bananas and applesauce and rice cereal. Hoping it kicks in soon! So, to sum it up, I think he has turned the corner for the better, but still not 100% just yet. Slowly but surely.

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Anonymous said...

so glad to hear he is hopefully on the mend.. and just in time for Christmas. BTW my address is or my office one is feel free to use either!